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pearl jam * * *

Alright, shameless fan be I, and along with my compatriot Jeff May, we at first concocted the posters and I then created the original hand-crafted t-shirts for those of us attending the Incredible Show.

Were you one of the very few, fortunate ones who got one of the t-s? If so, hold on to it. It will be exceedingly rare as I intend to never do that again!

* * * 49th Society of Illustrator Annual Awards selected entry 2007. Read my blog entry about the event.

* * * Applied Arts Annual Awards selected entry 2007.

Best honour of all – Mike McCready saw a copy backstage, and signed it!

. ‘ .

The last image is a bit of cheek on my part – belligerently, incomprehensibly challenging the “World’s Greatest Rock Band” to an old fashioned, winners take all the ***** ‘Battle-of-the-Bands’!

And the gambit paid off – they never showed and we crowned ourselves Kings! ; )

Honorably, a rematch will soon be offered, stay tuned.